Strength & conditioning

Supported by ongoing research in human performance, our Strength & Conditioning team optimizes athlete training, helps athletes understand their strengths and weaknesses, benchmarks athletes against world standards, and facilitates preparation for competition.


Strength & Conditioning

Are you a motivated individual looking to optimize your training? By accessing Performance Nation, a program powered by the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI Pacific), you get to work with the team behind many of Canada’s Olympic athletes. Our practitioners are highly qualified coaches specialized in evidence-based practices across various sports disciplines. The Performance Nation program offers personalized programming tailored to your specific needs and goals. Through comprehensive assessments, injury prevention strategies, and access to cutting-edge facilities and resources, Performance Nation provides the support you need to maximize your athletic performance while minimizing injury risks. Whether you’re an aspiring competitor or a fitness enthusiast, our strength and conditioning training ensures a commitment to your improvement and a pathway to unlocking your full athletic potential. 

Please note that most programs below do not include in-person training.

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Invasion sport program


Invasion games, such as rugby, soccer, and ultimate frisbee, are characterized by the objective of invading an opponent’s territory to score points. Foundational to excelling in these sports is the development of strength and movement competency. By establishing this groundwork, athletes can effectively enhance other essential strength qualities like power, rate of force, and speed, optimizing their performance while reducing the risk of injuries. Our program is meticulously structured with periodization and progression tailored to the specific training frequency of your invasion sport. We integrate exercises aimed at minimizing the likelihood of sport-specific injuries. Moreover, our program places a significant emphasis on conditioning and speed development, distinguishing it as a unique offering. Guided by seasoned practitioners well-versed in nurturing adult and youth team-sport athletes to peak performance levels, this program ensures comprehensive support to help you reach your competitive pinnacle. 

Included: 4-week training program, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance 

(middle to long distance)


The programs tailored for endurance sports prioritize exercises and methodologies aimed at reducing the risk of chronic and repetitive strain injuries while facilitating the transfer of weight and enhancing plyometric capabilities crucial for long-distance performance. Addressing common acute and chronic injuries prevalent among runners, this program focuses on bolstering ligament and tendon strength, improving stiffness and mobility, and enhancing foot strength. By emphasizing these aspects, our program not only supports overall health but also enhances performance in endurance events such as the 1500m, marathon, triathlon and many other race formats. 

Included: 4-week training program, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance 

Off-Ice Training


The off-ice training programs, tailored for sports like hockey and ringette, prioritize the development of both bilateral and unilateral strength, power, speed, and mobility. Research demonstrates that factors like abduction strength and range of motion significantly impact on-ice acceleration and speed, making strength training crucial. Moreover, off-ice conditioning plays a pivotal role in enhancing aerobic and anaerobic energy capacities, directly translating to improved on-ice performance for athletes. To achieve these goals, our program incorporates a diverse range of conditioning exercises such as stair climbing, biking, ergometer workouts, and running. Beyond performance enhancement, strength training serves as a vital tool for injury prevention, ensuring athletes remain healthy and available for consistent training and competition. 

Included: 4-week training program, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance 

Return to Performance (RTP)


This exceptional program provides comprehensive support for athletes across various sports, offering supervised return-to-play resistance training programs alongside structured return-to-run and conditioning progressions. We specialize in aiding common injuries such as ligamentous injuries (e.g., ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, meniscus) and shoulder injuries, as well as addressing head injuries like concussions. Athletes have the opportunity to consult with our experienced practitioners for personalized guidance as our CSI Pacific team includes sport physiologists, athletic therapists and massage therapists. Additionally, our collaboration extends to nutrition services, ensuring athletes receive optimized support for their return to peak performance at every stage of recovery. 

Included: 4-week training program, 1x in-person session per week, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance

Add-ons: preferred rates for nutrition assessment and physiotherapy with this program

Speed Development


Performance Nation, powered by CSI Pacific accelerates your performance through a dynamic blend of tailored speed sessions and focused strength training, igniting your potential on the track/field and in the weight room. Our specialized speed workouts meticulously enhance acceleration, top-end speed, and agility, refining your stride mechanics for optimal efficiency. Complementing these sessions, our strength training regimen targets key muscle groups to amplify power output and athletic prowess, ensuring that every stride packs maximum force. With personalized coaching and precise biomechanical analysis, we optimize your running technique, minimizing inefficiencies and bolstering injury resilience. Whether you’re chasing podiums or personal bests, Performance Nation empowers you to hit that next gear, unleashing your ultimate speed and performance potential. 

Included: 4-week training program, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance 

CSI Pacific Development Program

200$/month for 2 sessions/week 300$/month for 3 sessions/week

The CSI Pacific Development Program is a physical training program for athletes between the ages of 13 and 18. This program consists of age-specific programmes tailored to the movement competencies of the athletes and primarily focuses on the development of proper movement and injury prevention, strength, power, sprinting and jumping training. These qualities have been proven beneficial for success in many snow, ice, and field sports which CSI Pacific supports on a NextGen and Olympic level.

Sessions – M/W/F from 4-5:30pm (typically 30min on track, 1 hour lift in the High-Performance Gym).
No more than 1 to 12 athlete-to-coach ratio.

Location: CSI Pacific High Performance Gym @ PISE

Included: 4-week training program, 2x in-person sessions, TeamBuildr access 

What sets this program apart?
Expert CSIP staff will be running the sessions and there are typically some Olympian and NextGen athletes training in the space so inspiring environment for the athletes to train. The programming aligns with Long Term Athlete Development and is backed by years of CSIP experience developing young athletes. Athletes will also have access to our training app which will include nutrition/hydration/training tips as well as the ability to track progress over your time with us.

*Options for additional programming (ie, conditioning, agility, 1-on-1) at extra cost.


1/2 hour theory and 1/2 hour practical on weightlifting

COMBAT Training


Performance Nation, powered by CSI Pacific, supports athletes to effectively train for combat sports by employing a multifaceted approach that integrates sport-specific training methodologies, biomechanical analysis, and injury mitigation strategies. With a team of experienced coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, and sports scientists, CSI Pacific tailors training programs to meet the unique demands of combat sports. Through comprehensive performance assessments and ongoing monitoring, our experts identify areas for improvement and fine-tune training protocols to maximize each athlete’s potential. Additionally, our focus on injury mitigation and rehabilitation ensures athletes are equipped to withstand the physical demands of combat sports, minimizing the risk of setbacks and optimizing long-term performance outcomes.

Included: 4-week training program, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance. 

First responder training 


Servicing the community and meeting the everyday work demands of first responders require exceptional physical strength. Performance Nation, powered by CSI Pacific, is dedicated to ensuring they are fully prepared to excel. Our specialized team is committed to elevating their performance through tailored training programs designed to hone strength, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and mental resilience, all crucial for success in the field. With cutting-edge assessment tools and personalized coaching, we pinpoint areas for improvement and craft individualized plans to optimize their abilities. Whether they’re aiming to pass their test with flying colors or training to beat their personal best, our comprehensive approach ensures they’re fully prepared to meet the rigorous demands of their profession. 

Included: 4-week training program, tutorials, TeamBuildr access, remote guidance

Suggested add-on: Intake and movement screening ($150) 

Contact us for more information regarding discounts for multiple tests or for group Rates.

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